Renconst in the news

Renconst in the news

Renconst’s founder and M.D. Mr. Jalil Khalil met with His Excellency,  Dr. Abdulhussain Bin Ali Mirza to discuss Renconst’s activities in the area of renewable air-conditioning and heating systems. Geothermal HVAC has the potential to completely revolutionise the industry and we are happy to have received great encouragement and valuable insights from the office of Dr. Abdulhussain.

Dr. Abdulhussain welcomed the start of cooperation and collaboration with local and international companies that provide cutting edge, affordable and reliable technology in the area of Renewable Energy.

A special mention to Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy Unit – Jehan Al Murbati and Advisor to the Minister Dr. Ahmed Hashem who were also present in the meeting.

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