Frequently Asked Questions

Can solar systems replace city electricity grid?

Solar systems support rather than replace city electricity grid. We recommend substituting local electricity for sectors that do not benefit from government electricity support. As for Bahraini individuals whose electricity is supported by the government, they are not advised to go for Grid-Tied solar at this stage.

Our Off-Grid solar systems are a great replacement for generators! They are cheaper, provide clean energy, have a long lifespan and do not produce noise. Our solar systems are the solution for areas with no city electricity.

What is the solar panels’ expected lifespan?

The expected lifespan of Renewable Energy E.S.’s solar panels is over 25 years.

What is the warranty provided on Renewable Energy E.S.’s solar systems?

Renewable Energy E.S. provides an extendable one year warranty (terms and conditions apply).

Who will benefit most from these solar systems? Where can they be installed?

The solar system is ideal for:

-Areas with no electricity connection.

-Swimming pools, barns, stables and farms.

-Individuals who pay large amounts on generators or diesel for power supply.

-Individuals who pay large amounts on electricity bills.

Why Choose Renewable Energy E.S. systems?


Renewable Energy E.S. is a trustworthy establishment that provides high quality alternative energy solutions services each designed according to your specific needs.


Our highly qualified team of engineers and staff are always ready to assist you. You do not need to worry about experiencing the risks of lack of experience, especially with solar systems due to high voltages. At Renewable Energy E.S. we ensure that our experience is kept at your service.

Technical Support:

Your system will be equipped with a data SIM to allow our team to monitor your system’s performance at all times. In addition to the SIM, you will be granted access to a mobile application which will enable you to monitor the system.

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